My Musings. Big Pants Big Goals

Can you believe it’s almost the end of another year? I’ve been looking back at the past several months, and I can honestly say that I’ve circled back to who I was when I first started this whole blogging gig: Someone hoping to inspire anyone who enters this creative space that I call a blog.

iPhone Snap: Navy Wide Leg Trousers (c/o Madewell– similar options here and here) \ F21 Striped Blouse \ ASOS Camel Biker Jacket (similar here and here)

Whether it was me gathering images, quotes or anything that I felt some sort of emotional connection with, and then sharing, a huge part of what made me start this social outlet was a constant need to express myself creatively, and in turn, hopefully inspire others to do the same. And although this need has manifested itself through photography- an art I watched my father dabble in growing up- the actual act of creating something in any medium ultimately boils down to the creator attempting to give a little piece of themselves to the world around them. Many designers, musicians, and even chefs lean on other forms of art to become inspired. Raf Simons created his first collection as the head designer at Dior after spending hours siting in front of a Sterling Ruby painting. This first encounter ultimately lead to a full-blown partnership between the two brands for several years. Massimo Bottura, a world-renowned chef, decided to change his entire approach to plating after seeing an interesting art exhibit featuring bird droppings in France.  And though I may not be looking to bird excrement for inspiration anytime soon, I personally look to the many other forms of art to get inspired, and also to grow as an individual.
Now, I presume after all of this rambling, you are wondering what this has to do with you readers? Well, as you can tell by the most recent posts on this blog, my Instagram account and Twitter, my goal has become to inspire and hopefully inform. This is why you will see me playing around with photography, sharing more of my outside projects, and even giving details on my current reading list. Hopefully you readers will enjoy this new direction, and get inspired as well.

5 replies to “My Musings. Big Pants Big Goals

  1. Hi Miranda, happy to see more of what you do. Art and, I will add, nature can be so inspiring. Even if you don’t realize it at that moment it is reflected in what you do…
    Happy Holidays
    xxxx N

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