The Chic Street was founded as a creative outlet that has allowed me, its founder- Miranda McDonald- to curate a unique collection of creative content. After years of being inspired by street style sites, and how style mavens express themselves and translate runway trends on streets around the globe, I created this space where high fashion and street style could collide in real life situations.

I started my writing career as the Fashion View columnist in 2012 at The Voice Tribune in Louisville,  and now write for Extol magazine and The Voice Tribune part time. TCS is the product of my experience in the print world, and the constant inspiration I receive from the digital one. This inspiration has expanded to a long list of items that continually inspire me on a daily basis: fashion, art and travel (just to name a few). I am always excited to collaborate, so please feel free to reach out to me with any business proposals, styling or content creation requests, or thoughts in general. Thanks!

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