My Style. Going Beyond the Season’s Latest Offerings


I am a fashion blogger. By mere definition,  I should spend a majority of my time explaining the latest trends to you in some (hopefully) inspiring or palatable way. However, what if I told you I am currently in a place that has me wanting to totally abandon the latest trends?

To many, this may seem a bit silly. I mean, what would I talk about on this blog if I wasn’t partaking in the latest trends?

The answer: Anything I want to.

You see, I believe this as an opportunity, not a hindrance. Instead of being limited to the latest trends, I have a whole world of ideas, outfits and inspiration that I can share that span far beyond the borders of the current season’s latest offerings.

In today’s post, I am donning a look that doesn’t incorporate any of the latest trends. It simply boasts a few of my favorite staples: the perfect button down, a midi skirt and a minimal pair of black heels.

Sometimes the biggest statement happens with personal style happens when you decide that you are ok with not making some grand statement at all. (Ahhh, It feels good to type this simple, yet completely freeing declaration.)

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a few band tees, platform heels and bodysuits to put in back of my closet. Ha

Outfit Details: ASOS Paperbag Waist Skirt \ Mango Suit Blouse \ Express Heels \ Zara Handbag

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