Foodie Friday (Baltimore Edition). Dooby’s


dooby's restaurant baltimore maryland

This week I am in Baltimore.

What exactly does that mean for you readers?

Well, it means that this edition of Foodie Friday is coming to from a new city. So, if you happen to be traveling through this historic place, besides visiting a few of their museums and the George Peabody Library (a total must), you should seriously consider adding Dooby’s restaurant to your list of things to do.

Although the Korean-inspired restaurant was recently awarded the Best Lunch title by Baltimore Magazine, the establishment’s offerings aren’t just limited to a lunch menu. Dooby’s starts the day by serving breakfast and fresh coffee, and ends it with a list of dinner items. It’s laid back, coffee shop layout and atmosphere, paired with an assortment of food options that are served throughout the day make it a popular all-day hangout for the city.

The menu boasts everything from a pork belly eggs Benedict dish, to a bowl of spicy Korean street-style noodles. It also serves pastries and coffee at all hours, and even has a desert item on the menu titled Damn Good Pie.

You know when a dish has the phrase “damn good” in it, the restaurant it is served in must be just that.

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